Best Uptime, a Real Premium Web Hosting that is affordable.

We have been paying and reviewing HostGator Cloud for at least 36 months.

Throughout this time, I have carefully tracked and recorded each the vital metrics and information points, like their load time, uptime, and customer service responsiveness.

Within the course of the review, I will be putting out each the objective data regarding my time using HostGator Cloud in addition to taking a deep dip into the suppliers pricing, additional features, and encourage personnel that will assist you to figure out once and for all when they’re the hosting provider to you.

What is HostGator Cloud?

If you have never heard of HostGator WordPress Cloud hosting, you are not alone.

HostGator’s cloud hosting package has been flying under the radar for weeks and I did not hear about it before EIG (the company that owns HostGator, BlueHost and other hosting providers) achieved to me requesting that people review their hosting service.

I will be the first to say :

After all their low cost shared hosting alternative (rated #11 of 30) did not exactly inspire confidence in HostGator’s services.

However, I was curious when among those HostGator agents told me :

Our high performance managed WordPress platform packages scalable cloud hosting along with powerful functionality, enabling your websites to operate quicker and more safely than ever before. Publish pages in blazing speed globally without needing to configure your caching and CDN.

So what exactly does this jargon-filled statement imply?

In summary, they guaranteed 2.5x quicker load times among other developments.

But we needed to make sure!

Rather than working with the accounts, they had set up for us (to prevent getting any special privilege that could prejudice this inspection ), we chose to whip out our credit cards and cover for a true live plan beneath an anonymous Gmail account.

Following that, we put a default WordPress website, incorporated several performance monitoring programs, and began tracking HostGator’s functionality.

After over a year of tracking the website’s functionality, we have compiled a review outlining the good, the bad, and the ugly (Tip: there wasn’t any’ awful’).

Pros of Using HostGator Cloud

All the bells and whistles that come standard with most hosting providers are worthless if the servers can’t deliver reliable uptimes. In the past, I have been incredibly disappointed by HostGator’s basic strategy.

Despite that…

Their cloud hosting support is not only playing in another league. It’s a whole different ball game.

Though HostGator Cloud’s uptimes have dropped a tiny bit in recent months, dropping from a perfect 100 percent to 99.97percent (0.03% better than the market average) their stats are still remarkable.

When picking a hosting company, uptime is the #1 statistic to look closely at.

You may take each the advanced safety features and quick load times on God’s green earth, however, when your website isn’t live, it will not matter since nobody could see and experience it.

Fortunately, it does not get much better than that…

Last 10-month typical UPTIME:

December 2017 typical uptime: 100 percent
January 2018 typical uptime: 99.89percent
February 2018 typical uptime: 99.93percent
March 2018 typical uptime: 99.99percent
April 2018 typical uptime: 100 percent
May 2018 typical uptime: 100 percent
June 2018 typical uptime: 99.99percent
July 2018 typical uptime: 99.89percent
August 2018 typical uptime: 100 percent
September 2018 typical uptime: 100 percent

2. Top 5 Page Load Times (Only 419ms)

Your webpage loading time is among the single most significant elements in keeping high quality and user-friendly site.

Do not believe me? Think about this:

According to market research, if your site does not load within 5 minutes, you may shed more than 74 percent of your cellular website traffic!

Conversely, by decreasing your site loading times, you can boost traffic and conversions by greater than 74 percent. Coincidence? I believe not!

Fortunately, if you opt to trust HostGator Cloud with your hosting, you won’t ever need to be concerned about losing a prospective client to slow load times.

Having a rate less than 419 ms (greater than 50% faster than the market average of 890 ms), HostGator Cloud is among the quickest and most affordable hosting suppliers which we have ever reviewed.

Unlike lots of the other hosts we have reviewed on this website, HostGator Cloud has managed to supply a service that’s both secure and quickly, ensuring a fantastic consumer experience for you as well as a phenomenal consumer experience to your site visitors.

3. Special Discounted Pricing – Exclusive to

Considering that the enhanced performance and additional features (that we will get into in a second) that come standard with HostGator’s Cloud hosting plan, their basic pricing tiers are rather competitive.

With prices ranging from $4.95/mo for the fundamental plan all the way around $13.98/mo for their most premium package, HostGator’s Cloud bundle is far more affordable than the majority of the 30+ net hosts which we have reviewed previously.

But it gets even better:

HostGator has been generous enough to provide readers of our site with an exclusive discount that allows you to get HostGator’s Cloud hosting for just $2.99/mo.

P.S. This price only applies for 1, 3 or 6-month plans. Following that, you have to pay the regular price, which can be $14.95. However, it is sensible to opt in for the 3-year program, and that means it’s possible to save lots of in your own renewal fees.

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If that’s not enough, you might also get a new domain name for just $0.01 for 1-year.

Anytime it’s possible to secure a web hosting package with incredibly reliable uptimes and speedy load time for only $3/month, it appears to be a good bargain to me personally.

Unlike some of the other hosts which we’ve examined, HostGator will allow you to cover a 1 or 3-month subscription. Now, keep in mind — because this deal is really low (and is only available for a limited time), you are better off locking in this speed while you still can.


‘Bandwidth’ is also a remarkably important part of a great hosting provider.

If you ask ten distinct people to describe what it means in plain English, then you will get ten different, jargon-filled answers which will probably make your ears bleed and your eyes glaze over.

Words like”net bit rate”, “throughput” and”throttling” leave their lips and you’ll be left with little-to-no psychological bandwidth (pun very much intended) to process what the hell just happened or just what you’re paying for with your soon-to-be hosting provider.

Mercifully, HostGator’s site and sales copy understand your plight and explain, in Layman’s terms, exactly what you are getting together with your subscription.

Furthermore, navigating their front site and control panel is really a breeze.

The most novice webmaster can easily find and change important attributes, incorporate useful applications, and make changes to account settings.

HostGator rather uses clear terminology like’max sites’ and’monthly visitors’ to give even the most elementary potential a very clear comprehension of the bang you’re getting for every buck.

And if you get stuck, their live service (detailed below) is available 24/7 and they’ve got a deep library of support tutorials, FAQs, and other troubleshooting files out there.

5. FREE Extras: Anti-Malware, Global CDN, Daily Backups, etc…

HostGator throws in a bunch of extras in their plans that push their supply over the edge.

Here is just a sample of what you’ll get:

Free Migrations: Among the most notable features that HostGator Cloud provides is liberated migrations. Contrary to BlueHost, which charges almost $150 per earthquake, HostGator Cloud will transfer your site over completely free of charge. No horrible loopholes or upcharges comprised.

Daily Backups: With a few mouse clicks, so you are able to quickly install complete daily backups that will automatically save previous versions of your website so that, when and if the material hits the fan, you can quickly and effortlessly get your site back online and avoid the dreaded white display of death.

Automatic Malware Removal: Among the only notable issues with WordPress websites is that the sheer number of accessible plug-ins and third-party applications available every WordPress user up to possible safety concerns from hackers and cybercriminals. Fortunately, in the (inevitable) event your website is infected with some kind of Malware, HostGator will pitch in, help you put out the fire, and return to business as usual.

International CDN: Content Delivery Networks help take all your large files like images and video off your website so it will not get bogged down by requests, and instead provides them to clients using miniature little magic fairies nearest to their location to make load times blazing fast.

WPPro Developer Assist: Another advantage that is unique to HostGator Cloud is the accessibility to their WPPro Developer Assist which includes access to detailed WordPress beginner training and a community of trusted professionals that will assist you to troubleshoot a wide array of different difficulties.

For your non-tech savvy webmasters one of you, this can be a HUGE perk in the event you run into a technical issue that’s beyond your ability or understanding. No more slumming about Craigslist to find dishonest”WordPress Experts” to help solve your problems.

HostGator sets itself aside from the competition by adding unmetered storage on all of their cloud plans. No… I am serious!

6. Good, Quick Support

As I’ve mentioned during this review, HostGator’s customer service is one the very best in the business.

Their 24/7 live service team is available through telephone, email, and also their hyper-responsive live chat choice-making customer service questions a rapid and painless experience (that can be not the business standard in case you were wondering).

A conversation with”Charles C” who’s HostGator service representative. I filed several support queries within the last 8 months and every single one of these was handled professionally and quickly.

If you have not noticed, we are a major fan of HostGator’s Cloud service. With the unbridled rates, dependable loading times, and informed customer care, it is difficult to find a lot to whine about.

There are a couple of minor drawbacks to consider (though you could have the ability to prevent one of these ).

Here’s a summary:

1. Industry-Standard Pricing Suggestions

Most hosting companies are infamously annoying with how they describe and market their pricing. HostGator Cloud is equally as guilty of the.

By way of instance, if you want to have an advantage of this mouth-watering $2.92 bargain on their website, you may just join monthly or one year upfront.





The fantastic news is our particular deal will help take the bite from a more committed, with such a low cost that you would be really better off locking because of incredible (and time-limited) speed.

2. Potential Con: No Social Support Courses

If you are not a lover of live chat, email, or telephone service (a confusing position to say the very least ), then you’ll probably be disappointed with HostGator’s lackluster societal support.

Unlike many of the opponents, HostGator does not seem to be quite busy in their societal stations and you likely won’t obtain any kind of response should you submit a query on Twitter or Facebook.

While this certainly should not be thought of as a deal-breaker, it is definitely a thing to think about.

Here’s a Fast Summary of the HostGator Cloud strategies provided:

  • Starter Plan: This plan starts at $2.99 per month. It supports 1 site, 25k visits per month, 1GB backups, and unmetered storage.  <- We used this plan for our test site.
  • Standard Plan: This plan starts at $7.98 per month. It supports 2 sites, 200k visits per month, 2GB backups, and 150GB storage.
  • Business plan: This plan starts at $13.98 per month. It supports 5 sites, 300k visits per month, 3GB backups, and unlimited GB of storage.
  • Ease of Signup: Signup process is a breeze!
  • Payment Methods: You can pay by credit card or PayPal.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: The only major ‘gotcha’ is a restriction that you can’t tap over 25% of their system for over 90 seconds.
  • Upsells: There are some upsells along the way.
  • Account Activation: It might require up to 24-48 hours for accounts to be activated in some cases.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Extremely easy, one-click installation process of the most popular apps available.


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Do We Recommend HostGator Cloud?


The entry-level, shared hosting options from HostGator we previously reviewed weren’t that great.

However, these upgraded Cloud hosting options are AWESOME.

Between the impressive uptimes, our insanely low $3 dollar deal, the user-friendliness of their site and all the outstanding extras, this really is one of the best places to host your WordPress website.

No further reading required. Just click here and sign up.

P.S: If you’ve used HostGator Cloud, please consider leaving a review below – good or bad – doesn’t matter. Thanks for your support!

We only accept user-reviews that give value to our visitors. Not all reviews will be published. If you wish your review to be approved, we recommend you to write valid, unique and helpful reviews – either positive or negative. Thanks for your support!

Important: Web host companies cannot pay to delete or change the reviews. But we provide them an opportunity to answer or comment on any review, to keep the process honest and fair for both sides.

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